Friday, May 29, 2015

Advice of the Day: Mask of Truth

You have potential.  There is so much you can do if you are true to yourself.

Discover who you really are.

We often hide behind many masks.  We take on the identities people impose on us or act based on what others expect of us.  We don't see our true potential because we are afraid we won't live up to the expectations of ourselves and others.  If you hear something often enough you start to believe it.  You do not have to define yourself based on other people's perceptions.  Look within...figure out which parts are true.  Let go of any false ideas you have about yourself and see the true you.  You may be different from what you thought.

Welcome the guidance that Sylvanius offers and wear the Mask of Truth.

(Image: Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud and Goblin Shroo by Remjie)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Embracing Imperfections

I enjoy drawing with only pen or marker.  How freeing it is.  Pen cannot be erased like pencil.  If I make a mistake there is no fixing it.  You'd think this would add pressure but, oddly enough, it does not.  Pen-only drawings force me to release the need for perfection.  I make it work and most of the time I am very happy with the results.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Feeling Uninspired

I have been bored creatively.  I have a desire to be creative (to draw, paint or sculpt) but I have no ideas.  I am stuck in a very unmotivated state.  I don't have the same passion I used to...or at least I haven't found anything to be passionate about.

I thought having all this extra time for myself would give me a boost but nothing has changed.  Perhaps I'm looking at it the wrong way.  Taking time to yourself can be refreshing but moderation is key.  Am I spending too much time alone?  Maybe I need to get out more and open up to the world.

If I'm bored with my current state then why should I stay in it?  There are plenty of options out there to change things up.  Perhaps then inspiration will strike like the fourth cup in this card.  If she doesn't snap out of it quickly that cup is going to whack her right in the head!  I've got to find ways to look outside the box and get moving again.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Character Cards: Strong Hearted

Choose a character from a story you are very familiar with.  Draw a card for that character and reflect on how it might relate to the character.  
What does it say about them?
(Exercise from Tarot 101 by Kim Huggins)

Character: Luna Lovegood
Card: Three of Swords

Luna  is so quirky and positive on the outside, it might be easy to forget that she can hurt inside too.  She has been through difficult times.  She has experienced loss and heartbreak.  People tend to overlook her and she is constantly made fun of by her classmates.  She doesn't have many friends because she is so openly different.  I'm sure Luna feels lonely very often.  She doesn't show it but all those swords have got to hurt.  This girl does a good job overcoming this card.  She has a strong heart.  Despite all the negatives she manages to put on a good face.  She holds tightly to her individuality and perseveres.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Battered and Worn

I've been feeling kind of stuck recently.  I even dropped the ball on my daily draws for a few days.  There has been such a lack of energy.  Today I had to kick myself into doing something...any little thing to move forward in some way.

Tonight I decided to try some automatic writing using a tarot card for inspiration.  I drew the Ace of Swords.  It was an interesting experience writing down whatever came to mind.  I liked not worrying about what the traditional meaning was.  After rereading my finished entry I underlined parts that stood out.  The Ace of Swords can be about achieving something through mental/intellectual means.  Strategic action, to use one of the phrases that showed up in my writing.  But there needs to be a balance somewhere...and I think this card showing up is trying to tell me that I've been over-thinking.  That I have been emulating the sword suit a little too much and maybe I should tone it down.  Maybe this card is the reason I feel stuck.  Like the sword embedded in the stone.  It has fought many battles and returned victorious but it is battered and worn out.  It's about time I ease up and let things flow.

Funny that was the message I got out of this exercise.  Because isn't that what automatic writing is all about?  Don't think too much, just write whatever comes to mind no matter how silly it sounds.  I need to apply this to my day tomorrow and see what comes out of it.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Advice of the Day:

The first words that come to my mind about parrots are: colorful and talkative.  This may be a day to let your voice be heard.

Express yourself!

Embrace your uniqueness.

Don't be afraid to show people the true you.  You are a bright and interesting person and that should be celebrated.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Advice of the Day: Take What You Can

Expand your horizons. 

The sea is vast.  If there is something you want, go ahead and take it.  There are plenty of places that have been left untouched so go explore them.

Search for hidden treasures.  There is a lot of competition but you have the ability to find what you need and grab it.


From the guidebook:
"You are navigating the chaos.
You are exploring deeper waters.
You are boundless supply.
You are Seagull."