Saturday, March 28, 2015

Advice of the Day: Sacred Fool

Break convention.  Don't be society's puppet.  Feel free to be yourself no matter what others may think about it.  Sometimes it is not worth living under the limits set by the majority.  Cut those strings and be free.  Be true to yourself...It's time to be playful and enjoy what life has to offer.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Advice of the Day: Seeing the True You

Today should be a day of self love and possibly some shadow work too.  It is about seeing my true inner self.  It is about looking at myself through my own eyes rather than the eyes of others.  Oftentimes people on the outside can have a distorted perception of who we are.  Even we have a distorted perception of ourselves sometimes.  It is important that I don't judge myself solely on how other people see me.  I have to look deep within, down into the depths, and find the truest form of myself. Only I can see every small detail.  Special people in my life will come to know the true me very well, but they can never see everything.  Some parts of myself hide in the shadows and bury themselves within.  I have to dig deep and unearth them.  I need to get to know every part of me, even the parts that wish to hide.

I have been pretty good about recognizing my true self recently but not so great in honoring it.  It is difficult to remember the last time I did anything for me...something I truly enjoy doing.  I should make a point to do that today.  I need to put time aside and engage in some self-loving activities...even if it is something as simple as reading a book just for the pleasure of it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Singing With Tarot: I Have Confidence

I've only just begun studying the Tarot. There is so much to learn it can feel daunting sometimes. I haven't learned all the traditional meanings I have decided to do random exercises that will help me get to know the cards better. In "Singing with Tarot" I plan to choose a song and relate it to specific cards.

In honor of The Sound Of Music: 50th Anniversary edition being released today, I have chosen the song "I have confidence."  It is also quite suiting as I need to gain more confidence in myself and my tarot study.  I should sing this song to myself more often!  You can listen to it here.  

On to the cards!

Eight of Cups

"When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window," says Maria before the song begins.The beginning of this song is like the Eight of Cups.  Maria didn't fit in at the Abbey and is reluctantly leaving it behind. It is time to embark on a new journey.  The path ahead is unknown and she is hesitant to move forward but she knows it is the right direction to take. She has to move on.  

Page of Wands

As the song continues it starts to channel the confidence of the Page of Wands. Maria starts opening up to the adventure.  It's time to be enthusiastic about this new opportunity and embrace it.  She will tackle any challenges that come along and prove her worth. The song becomes more optimistic and full of energy.


I couldn't help but include The Strength card, as the song is all about inner strength and overcoming your fears.  It is about determination and the ability to endure difficult times.  Maria is building confidence and courage as she sings.  She is beginning to believe in herself and steps into her personal power.

(Cards pictured from Mucha Tarot)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bring It Into Form

In recent months I have felt the desire to start a blog.  I do not know why...  To be frank, I'm not much of a writer.  I don't even know what I will blog about!  

I drew the "Bring it into form" card from the Sacred Rebels Oracle today.  What a wonderful deck full of empowering messages.  "Bring it to form" is all about making your ideas a reality.  Do not worry about the details just get started!  Everything will fall into place one step at a time.  This was the spark of motivation I needed.  

Normally I like to plan things out before I start them.  I like to have a solid idea of what I am doing.  That is not the case here...I'm diving in head first.