Saturday, March 21, 2015

Advice of the Day: Seeing the True You

Today should be a day of self love and possibly some shadow work too.  It is about seeing my true inner self.  It is about looking at myself through my own eyes rather than the eyes of others.  Oftentimes people on the outside can have a distorted perception of who we are.  Even we have a distorted perception of ourselves sometimes.  It is important that I don't judge myself solely on how other people see me.  I have to look deep within, down into the depths, and find the truest form of myself. Only I can see every small detail.  Special people in my life will come to know the true me very well, but they can never see everything.  Some parts of myself hide in the shadows and bury themselves within.  I have to dig deep and unearth them.  I need to get to know every part of me, even the parts that wish to hide.

I have been pretty good about recognizing my true self recently but not so great in honoring it.  It is difficult to remember the last time I did anything for me...something I truly enjoy doing.  I should make a point to do that today.  I need to put time aside and engage in some self-loving activities...even if it is something as simple as reading a book just for the pleasure of it.

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