Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Advice of the Day: Nature's Dance

Relax and join the Faun's carefree dance.  Open up to the refreshing energy of mother nature.  Go with the natural flow of things.   Release any burdensome energy you may be carrying.  There is no need to overthink things today.  Spend some time reconnecting with nature.  This could be as simple as going for a walk or observing it from your home.

Today it is cloudy and drizzling.  We were in great need of some rain.  Perhaps tomorrow I can take a short walk if it clears.  For now I shall be content with watching the raindrops bounce off the tree leaves and the birds fluttering around our bird feeder.

Screenshot of my faun avatar in Secondlife


  1. It is raining a lot here to and today.The leaves are turning into such a deep shade of green, Beautiful!
    Sometimes it feels more like Autumn than Summer to me. But also with the weather we have to go with the flow. :)

    1. Except for a couple hot days the weather has not become too much like Summer here. I hope that changes for the weekend. We are taking a beach trip on Saturday. :)