Friday, May 29, 2015

Advice of the Day: Mask of Truth

You have potential.  There is so much you can do if you are true to yourself.

Discover who you really are.

We often hide behind many masks.  We take on the identities people impose on us or act based on what others expect of us.  We don't see our true potential because we are afraid we won't live up to the expectations of ourselves and others.  If you hear something often enough you start to believe it.  You do not have to define yourself based on other people's perceptions.  Look within...figure out which parts are true.  Let go of any false ideas you have about yourself and see the true you.  You may be different from what you thought.

Welcome the guidance that Sylvanius offers and wear the Mask of Truth.

(Image: Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud and Goblin Shroo by Remjie)


  1. What a lovely photo of your COTD.
    Sometimes I think we are also afraid of our own greatness so we hide it until we have forgotten how perfect we really are

    1. Agreed. It could be the fear of success or the uncertainty of where you will go once you achieve it.

      My goblin shroo doll looks like something you'd find in Brian Froud's art so I thought it might enjoy hanging out with the cards. *laughs*