Thursday, May 14, 2015

Feeling Uninspired

I have been bored creatively.  I have a desire to be creative (to draw, paint or sculpt) but I have no ideas.  I am stuck in a very unmotivated state.  I don't have the same passion I used to...or at least I haven't found anything to be passionate about.

I thought having all this extra time for myself would give me a boost but nothing has changed.  Perhaps I'm looking at it the wrong way.  Taking time to yourself can be refreshing but moderation is key.  Am I spending too much time alone?  Maybe I need to get out more and open up to the world.

If I'm bored with my current state then why should I stay in it?  There are plenty of options out there to change things up.  Perhaps then inspiration will strike like the fourth cup in this card.  If she doesn't snap out of it quickly that cup is going to whack her right in the head!  I've got to find ways to look outside the box and get moving again.


  1. Moving house and building your inner home in a new place can be quite a tiring undertaking so it isn't strange when you don't feel that inspired to create. Often I have so many ideas when I have a day off and then nothing happens because I've put the bar so high. Relax and let go of the need to create and soon everything will flow again

    1. That's true. My wish to get creative is so strong that I'm not satisfied with any of the little steps I make. I should change my focus and let things fall into place. Thanks for the additional advice! :)