Saturday, May 9, 2015

Character Cards: Strong Hearted

Choose a character from a story you are very familiar with.  Draw a card for that character and reflect on how it might relate to the character.  
What does it say about them?
(Exercise from Tarot 101 by Kim Huggins)

Character: Luna Lovegood
Card: Three of Swords

Luna  is so quirky and positive on the outside, it might be easy to forget that she can hurt inside too.  She has been through difficult times.  She has experienced loss and heartbreak.  People tend to overlook her and she is constantly made fun of by her classmates.  She doesn't have many friends because she is so openly different.  I'm sure Luna feels lonely very often.  She doesn't show it but all those swords have got to hurt.  This girl does a good job overcoming this card.  She has a strong heart.  Despite all the negatives she manages to put on a good face.  She holds tightly to her individuality and perseveres.


  1. What a great exercise. I am going to try it this afternoon. May be see how Little red riding hood is feeling al one in the forest or check if Snowwhite really is in love with prince Charming