Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Battered and Worn

I've been feeling kind of stuck recently.  I even dropped the ball on my daily draws for a few days.  There has been such a lack of energy.  Today I had to kick myself into doing something...any little thing to move forward in some way.

Tonight I decided to try some automatic writing using a tarot card for inspiration.  I drew the Ace of Swords.  It was an interesting experience writing down whatever came to mind.  I liked not worrying about what the traditional meaning was.  After rereading my finished entry I underlined parts that stood out.  The Ace of Swords can be about achieving something through mental/intellectual means.  Strategic action, to use one of the phrases that showed up in my writing.  But there needs to be a balance somewhere...and I think this card showing up is trying to tell me that I've been over-thinking.  That I have been emulating the sword suit a little too much and maybe I should tone it down.  Maybe this card is the reason I feel stuck.  Like the sword embedded in the stone.  It has fought many battles and returned victorious but it is battered and worn out.  It's about time I ease up and let things flow.

Funny that was the message I got out of this exercise.  Because isn't that what automatic writing is all about?  Don't think too much, just write whatever comes to mind no matter how silly it sounds.  I need to apply this to my day tomorrow and see what comes out of it.


  1. I can relate to being too Swordy. It can be so paralyzing to thing think THINK. Free or automatic writing is indeed very liberating. I've bought myself a cheap notebook which is less intimidating to fill with scribbles thoughts and pages filled with everything that comes to mind.
    I hope you will find you flow soon again. Best wishes!

    1. I hope so! My boyfriend likes to pull a card from my deck in the morning and today was the Queen of Cups. Hard to get more flowing than that. She's so watery. Makes me wonder if the card was more meant for me than him. ha ha ha.

      Doing that kind of writing in a simpler notebook...that's a good idea. Less pressure. :)