Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Story Spread: The Alchemist

As a way to break in my new deck I decided to try the story spread that can be found in the guidebook.  The idea is to choose (or randomly draw) a theme and lay out a narrative for it.  As I am curious what to expect from my new job, I chose the Guardian of the Books to represent the theme of my reading.  I then shuffled and drew three cards which are to be read in order.

Alchemy - I had to smile when I turned this card over.  The alchemy card is about starting with something normal and turning it into something extraordinary.  I will only get what I put into it.  If I put a lot of enthusiasm and effort into this new job, it will prove to be very rewarding.

Calendar - This is a slow moving card and placement is important.  This card could mean a delay but because it follows the Alchemy card (rather than precedes it) I believe it to mean gradual and steady progress.  Achieving the message of the Alchemy card will take time but if I am patient and continue to follow it's guidance I will eventually get the results I desire.

The Baroness - This card has thrown me.  The baroness represents a deceitful person.  This could be a false friend, an unknown enemy or someone who wishes to bring you down.  They are manipulative and untrustworthy.  I can only guess that the cards are warning me to be careful of this type of person later on.  After creating something wonderful there might be someone who wishes to crush it.

Not exactly a happy ending to the story but the future is never set in stone.  For the time being, however, I shall take the advice of the alchemist.  I have the ingredients to make something great out of this new job, if only I put in the effort.


  1. Maybe the baroness is a colleague who seems to be all friendly and kind as long as it suits him or her.
    Reading the cards like this does resemble reading lenormand a lot

    1. That could be so. I won't have too much face to face contact with people to start. But as the business grows that could be the case.

      I have not delved into lenormand but I had a feeling this particular spread was read in a similar way. The guidebook also notes that the cards are meant to work together so it is best to draw at least two cards. Perhaps this deck is just a bit of everything. ha ha ha.