Monday, October 12, 2015

The Call

"You have questions only the Book of Destiny can answer, 
but will you take up the sword to recover it?"
-The Chronicles of Destiny

I am spending the afternoon with The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards.  They are the newest addition to my collection and I couldn't be more happy with them.  They are a refreshing balance between tarot and oracle cards.  The deck follows a structure, unlike most oracles, but not the same structure as tarot.  The cards tell a story.  They are unique in that sense.  

It has been an enjoyable experience so far.  I am curled up on the couch reading through the story one card at a time...


  1. This one is on and off my wishlist. Not sure if I am up to delving into another system right now .
    I wish you many hours of magical delight with you new deck. Let me know how you two get along :)

    1. I had been indecisive as well. I don't normally gravitate toward photo-manipulated/photo collage artwork. These images are quite well done however so it will not be distracting.

      I also worried about having a new system to deal with. In the end I bought it under the assumption that the story-like structure would actually help me to learn and remember the card meanings. Kind of like how I can remember what happens in my favorite books.

      I am hoping we will get along great. :)