Saturday, April 25, 2015

Advice of the Day: Be the Robin

All winters eventually turn to Spring.  The land is renewed and begins to grow.  It is an everlasting cycle.  Now is a good time to contemplate what season you are currently in.  Do you need to move on to something new?  Does a part of your inner self need nurturing?  Keep these questions in mind today and prepare to move forward.  You cannot stay in a personal winter forever.  The early bird gets the is time to wake up!


From the guidebook:
"You are new beginnings.
You are invigorating.
You are upward growth.
You are Robin."


  1. Thanks, I needed this today. Feeling rather sluggish. It is raining outside and I've had rather a stressful week. So up to the beginning of the next week:)

    1. Aww...I'm glad to hear the post made you feel a little better! I don't mind restful days but feeling sluggish is the worst...I hope your coming week is more full of life :)