Monday, April 20, 2015

Choosing Favorites

I was watching Anni's "Tarot Together" series today and she mentioned that there had been a discussion in her Facebook group regarding favorite tarot card images.  It is only natural to go through a new tarot deck and pick out your favorite card, one where the imagery connects strongly and pulls you in.  I find this to be quite difficult sometimes.  I bought the deck so of course I like the artwork.  Why can't they all be my favorite?

Tarot Mucha was one of those decks where I could not choose a favorite card.  I love every single one of one.  One!  Oh it was so close to perfect, but I just cannot stand The Sun card.  I am so sorry Mr. Sun but your face creeps me out.  And something is off about the boy as well (his head doesn't quite match his body in age...or something).  I suppose it is easier to choose a least favorite card in this case.

Anyway...Anni's mention of favorite images had me pulling out Tarot Mucha and flipping through the deck again.  I came to the conclusion, though I do love all the images in this deck, that my current favorite is the Two of Swords.  I found myself stopping and staring at it each time I looked through the deck.  There is something so mystical about it.


  1. Ha ha I had to laugh. I thought the sun was one of you favorites too but then I kept reading and understood.
    I do like the Two of Swords in many of my decks and this one is particularly beautiful.

    1. Indeed I have no aversion to the Sun Card in general...just the one in this particular deck. ha ha ha.

      My entry started with one intention (favorite image) then veered off into the opposite. How confusing! Still...I decided to leave it that way. It's a train of thought entry I guess. *laughs*