Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Advice of the Day: Creative Flow

The world can be harsh sometimes, but you have the ability to overcome.  You are resilient.  Now might be a good time to retreat and spend some time in peace.  Be expressive and create.  The swan is here to inspire you.  Wade into the inspirational waters and let your creativity flow.  Nurture the ideas that come to you.  Create your beautiful masterpiece.


From the guidebook:
"You are ordering the chaos.
You are heightening the senses.
You are unfolding grace.
You are Swan."


  1. I seem to find all sorts of good advice on my favorite blogs today. After having taken a walk in the park, it seems now is time to pick up my paintbrushes :D

    1. Oo yes! A lovely idea! Put those paintbrushes to good use!

      I have to say I'm in great need of some inspiration, I'll have to pull out my sketchbook and see what happens.

    2. Most of the time that is the most sensible thing to do :D
      Enjoy yourself!