Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blessings In Disguise

Inspired by DailyTarotGirl's most recent post about tarot card combinations, I decided to give her exercise a try.  I chose The Moon for my Major Arcana card because it is my favorite from the Ellis decK.  My random Minor Arcana draw is the Ten of Swords.  On to the questions!

1. When I feel like the Minor Arcana card, how does that affect the part of myself that is like the Major Arcana card?
If something I worked hard on fails, I might succumb to the feeling of defeat.  Feeling that way certainly hampers ones dreams.  It would affect my openness to imagination and intuition.  It is hard to have faith in my dreams after being hit with a resounding "No".  The Moon part of myself that would appear is likely one of fear and being unsure of  myself and my vision.

2. How would the part of myself that is like the Major Arcana card deal with the life situation illustrated by the Minor Arcana card?
If I was The Moon and feeling the defeat of the Ten of Swords, I would probably look for the hidden meaning behind the situation.  Could this loss be a blessing in disguise?  There is some hope in this Ten of Swords...and with an ending there are new beginnings.

3. What does this tell you about yourself? Is it relevant to your life right now?
It brings to light that I have a tendency to be easily discouraged.  Not much of a surprise but I should be more mindful about it.  I have had no encounters with the Ten of Swords recently, but it could show its face anytime.  I will have to be prepared to overcome the loss or disappointment and soldier on.

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